Friday, November 20, 2009

Holidays & PNG fun

Hi all,

We are currently home in Australia on furlough for a few weeks. We have visited Townsville, Charters Towers, Mount Isa and Canberra, and we head to Mackay on Tuesday. We have the next few days visiting with Duane (Brad's older brother), his wife Rebecca, and their gorgeous 10-week old baby Amelia (aka Milly). It's been lovely to catch up with them, and babysit Milly.

Just a quick update on our adventures in PNG in the last month or two before we came home...

Brad and I both had our birthdays (27 and 26 respectively). We had a little party for Brad, complete with an abundance of food, friends, and pass-the-parcel.

Brad had another bout of Malaria, this time symptomatic with fevers, aches and pains. It was a different strain to the last one, as the treatment didn't work this time and we had to try a newer drug (8 tablets as a single dose!).

I took Brad with me to visit the children's ward with books and toys. He enjoyed it, but was appalled at the facility and standard of care offered.

My job at the hospital pharmacy didn't work out, so I'm now looking at doing work in the health department of the PNG Union Mission on a volunteer's stipend. We are yet to see if the proposal for this position will be approved.

I have begun doing piano lessons at the orphanage with 12 children and 3 nuns. They love it! I've only done 2 lessons so far but have left a keyboard with them to practice on, and we'll re-commence lessons in the new year.

We have had big problems with our power and water supplies, sometimes having neither for hours or days! Very frustrating... may I suggest that you never take the little luxuries of life for granted!

I think that's about all for now,

God bless you all,

Love Kriselle & Brad

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  1. Wow, you guys are amazing. I really don't think I would do that long term!

    Hope Brad beats his Malaria and that your job works out!

    Take care, xox